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Giving Architects a Voice with Pia Arrieta Morales

Pia Arrieta Morales to talk to me about Marbella-based DM Properties – Knight Frank’s new YouTube series called The Architect Series, which showcases luxury properties in Marbella, Spain. The 3rd episode of which was published today. Pia explains that the video series aims to give a voice to the architects and designers of these properties, allowing them to explain their design choices and provide insight into the properties features. The video series has three episodes so far, featuring Casa Cristal, Villa La Favorita, and a property in Cascada de Camojan designed by Juan Carlos Tortosa. Pia explains that the production process is time-consuming and involves careful planning and execution to ensure that the videos showcase the properties’ features and layouts effectively. Pia also mentions that the video series is a passion project, and they plan to continue producing more episodes in the future, featuring new properties and architects. Watch the interview on YouTube here:  
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